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Lanai ferry from Lahaina Maui harbor is a nice and fun day trip on Maui. 0

Lanai ferry from Maui

Experience another Hawaiian island and take the ferry to Lanai! While visiting Maui, experience “The Pineapple Island” of Lanai and take the ferry to this thinly populated island just off the west coast of...

Hulopoe beach on lanai, hawaii. 0

Hulopoe Beach on Lanai

Hulopoe Beach on Lanai Take a nice day trip to Lanai and visit Hulopoe Beach If you have the time while visiting Maui, take the ferry out of the Lahaina Harbor to the Hawaiian...


Shipwreck Beach on Lanai

Shipwreck Beach on Lanai Shipwreck Beach is an incredible hiking experience on Lanai! One of the most interesting and fun hikes you can do on the Hawaiian island of Lanai, is the hike to...