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Charley's food and drink restaurant and saloon in Paia on Maui. 0

Charley’s Restaurant in Paia

In the town of Paia is the famous Charley’s Restaurant and Saloon. Charley’s Restaurant & Saloon is on the north, windward side of Maui and is known for good, solid, “comfort” food.  It’s located...

Casanova Italian restaurant and deli in makawao on maui, Hawaii 0

Casanova Italian Restaurant

Casanova Italian Restaurant & Deli Casanova Italian Restaurant & Deli in Makawao is one of Maui’s best Italian restaurants. Casanova Italian Restaurant and Deli in the small, quaint, cowboy town of Makawao is one...

Makawao steak house on Maui, hawaii is a great experience. 0

Makawao Steak House

Makawao Steak House is unique Looking for a different, fun, upcountry dining experience? Want to experience the Hawaiian Paniolo (cowboy) lifestyle? Head to Makawao Steak House in the historic, quaint town of Makawao on the island...